Watch This Style: Female Empowerment In Music Videos Never Looked So Good (& Stylish)!

While trying to catch up with the latest music burning up iTunes, I’m guilty of surfing around YouTube to see what some of my favorite & the most talked about recording artists are up to these days, especially since it’s been a while since I posted music videos on Style Darling. One thing has been made clear: Female empowerment is a strong message in so many of the most current pop & rap hits, from well-established artists, to the most controversial ones, & to the up & comers who are certainly making headlines of their own.

Meghan Trainor, Iggy Azalea & Rita Ora, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, & Nicki Minaj.

Of course, I need to talk about style here too, so here goes. First & foremost, I am obsessed with newcomer Meghan Trainor & her positive body image-themed booty shaker “All About That Bass,” which I’ve shared with so many friends in the last two days. Then, my favorite Aussie Iggy Azalea teamed up with Brit singer Rita Ora for a Kill Bill homage in the music video for “Black Widow,” where the duo look sleek battling against the likes of villain Michael Madsen. Katy Perry‘s party pop song “This Is How We Do” takes fans on a modern art museum tour, making references to pop art, as well as the more geometric side of artists like Mondrian (at the same time celebrating the carefree party lifestyle in a rainbow of wig choices & latex outfits). Taylor Swift‘s uber-pop debut single off her upcoming 1989 album, “Shake It Off” shows the former country crooner as a quirky dancer sporting a tutu, cheerleader uniform, daisy dukes & mega hoops, a letterman jacket & pleather skinnies, as well as an all-black Audrey Hepburn-inspired ensemble. Lastly, the most buzzworthy of them all is Nicki Minaj‘s ” Baby Got Back” reboot, “Anaconda,” which glorifies a healthy rear end in the most explicit & aggressive ways possible, but I say that if she’s got it (which she totally does!), she should flaunt it.

Which music video is repeating on your flat screen? Which artist’s message most applies to you? Who do you think went too far? For more fashionable music videos from Watch This Style, check out videos from Destiny’s Child, Spice GirlsJennifer Lopez, Gwen Stefani, Madonna, & Alicia Keys! Also, for the latest style posts, take a look at bargain pointy toe flats inspired by a Tom Ford design, actress Jamie Chung’s fashion blog ‘What The Chung?,’ budget-friendly skirts inspired by Lily Collins & Miranda Kerr, & Lauren Conrad’s newest LC Lauren Conrad collection for Kohl’s, Happy Styling!

Watch This Style: The Top 5 Most Stylish Music Videos By Alicia Keys (+ Her Latest ‘Girl On Fire’)!

Alicia Keys is one of my all-time favorite singers & I don’t think I need to explain why.  She’s a powerhouse performer, prolific songwriter, & clearly a Style Darling! Her latest & 5th record, Girl on Fire, has released its first single of the same name & it’s clear that Alicia herself is indeed on fire! Check her out in looks from Victoria Beckham, Valentino, Givenchy Haute Couture by Riccardo Tisci, in Christian Louboutins with her red & black butterfly dress, & Camilla & Marc.

In celebration of her upcoming record, due out November, I thought it was appropriate to celebrate her music, as well as her style by sharing her latest music video for “Girl On Fire,” where the singer is hoswing off her style with neon trends, smoky eye makeup, & figure flattering duds.  Basically, she’s never looked better, but this post isn’t just about that since I’m including my top 5 favorite videos from the new mom.  This includes (in no particular order) “If I Ain’t Got You,” “No One,” “Empire State of Mind” with Jay-Z, “Teenage Love Affair, & “Karma.”

You can’t forget about her chart-topping hits like “Fallin’,” “Girlfriend,” & “You Don’t Know My Name,” but I think 6 music videos in one post is plenty to enjoy the talents of this very admirable recording artist.  Surely she’ll be hitting up all of the red carpets during the awards season, promoting her record, as well as appearing on all the pertinent talk shows to spread her love of music, so we’ll have to keep an eye out.

Which are your favorite videos by Alicia? Do you like her style? Which hairstyle of hers is your favorite? For more videos from Watch This Style, check out the latest from Solange Knowles, No Doubt, & Christina Aguilera! Happy Styling!

Watch This Style: Top 5 Most Stylish Music Videos From The Spice Girls!

I’m still thinking about the Spice Girls reunion for the closing ceremony of this summer’s Olympics in London & how happy it made me to see the original female fab five together on stage.  Although the performance, standing atop those cars, was a little lack lustre for audiences watching on the tele, I thought that the ladies, now in their mid-to-late 30s, looked better than ever.  However, I wouldn’t dream of wishing for them to reunite for a full-on album/tour since my favorite, Victoria Beckham, a.k.a. Posh Spice, has been doing so much these days as a full-time fashion designer. Every now & again I find myself glued to the tube watching the movie, Spice World, since every time, it feels like the gals have joined me in my room for a sleepover full of gossip & girly guilty pleasures.

Anyway, I thought I’d invite my readers to go back to the 90s with me & watch what I think are their top 5 most stylish music videos.  Of course, you have to take into context the decade in which these videos were made. Neon pleather, midriff tops, high-heeled sneakers, & other bubble gum pop trends were in full swing, thanks to Posh, Ginger, Scary, Baby, & Sporty.   I’ve included the videos for “Too Much (my favorite!!!), “Say You’ll Be There,” “2 Become 1,” “Who Do You Think You Are?,” & “Spice Up Your Life.” Of course I’m leaving out obvious favorites, including “Wannabe” & “Stop,” but we have only five to post here today. Also, I’m fond of “Goodbye,” although that signifies the end of a pop music era with the ladies who officially became a quartet just days before hitting the stage for a concert on Long Island in 1998.  Who is your favorite spice? What’s your favorite song? Do you want the girls to get back together? Happy Styling!

Watch This Style: Mariah Carey’s Top 5 Most Stylish Music Videos!

Mariah Carey has been in the news a whole lot lately, now that the Grammy-winning singer is the newest judge to join American Idol, as well as releasing her latest single, “Triumphant,” from her forthcoming fourteenth studio album.  However, I thought I’d take a look back at some of my favorite videos by the New York native since she’s one of the biggest selling artists in my lifetime.

Not only do she & I share a love for Marilyn Monroe & Hello Kitty, but she’s constantly trying to show off her bombshell style, even though some attempts are very pageant-ish & don’t make the best dressed lists. When it comes to music, Mariah knows what works for her & I’d like to take a moment to celebrate her accomplishments via my favorite music videos (for their style & songs)! This list includes “We Belong Together,” “Don’t Forget About Us,” “I Still Believe,” “Heartbreaker,” & “Always Be My Baby.”

I’d also like to add that I picked “We Belong Together,” which is my all-time favorite Mariah song, also b/c I think that whoever was responsible for her hair & makeup really nailed her look with elegance & femininity.  The dewy pink lips, fluffy & old school lashes, & natural overall look really make the video one of the most memorable for me, which juxtapose (yes, I used that word) the scenes when she’s wearing lingerie, a tunic mini, & princess-like wedding gown. Happy Styling!

Watch This Style: Christina Aguilera’s 5 Most Stylish Videos!

I’ve been thinking long & hard about what I would post in Watch This Style when featuring pop star / The Voice mentor, Christina Aguilera, since it would most certainly contain all the musical numbers from Burlesque. However, this post is focusing solely on Christina’s best videos from her albums.  While there are so many gorgeously styled videos to choose from, my favorites include “Hurt,” “Ain’t No Other Man,” “The Voice Within,” “Fighter,” & “Not Myself Tonight.”

Perhaps sometime in the future, I’ll feature more videos from the Grammy winner, but I love that there’s a wide variety of styles ranging from Old Hollywood to gothic to futuristic. For more stylish music videos, be sure to check out Katy Perry, Madonna, & Whitney Houston! Happy Styling!

Watch This Style: Katy Perry’s Top 5 Most Stylish Music Videos!

To be honest, I haven’t always loved Katy Perry, but I think that’s mostly b/c of the media’s attention given to the star not for her singer-songwriter status.  However, you can’t deny that she’s pretty magnetic to watch, whether in concert or in one of her always fabulous & fashionable music videos.  She’s got the pinup-girl-next-door vibe down & she makes no apologies for it.  When on the red carpet, she often goes over the top in her cartoon-inspired candy-coated get-ups, but I prefer her more natural look, as seen in music videos like “The One That Got Away,” “I Kissed A Girl,” and “Teenaged Dream.” In addition, I’ve included videos for “Part Of Me” and “Firework,” which I think capture Katy’s undeniable sense of glamour, yet she’s still relatable as a young woman in the world looking for love.  Watch the videos below & share with us which one is your favorite! Happy Styling!


Watch This Style: Madonna’s Most Fashionable Music Videos!

I’ve been talking about Madonna a lot lately, especially since her Super Bowl debut & I really wish the press would stop slamming her for an underwhelming performance.  She’s in her 50s & definitely has the skills to put on a great show, although I would’ve liked to have heard some more of her older songs which are certainly fan favorites.  It was really hard to pick out only five videos, but here’s are my favorites, both new & old.

For more music video-inspiration, check out more in my Wacth This Style category, including Lady Gaga, Whitney Houston, & Gwen Stefani.  Happy Styling!