Watch This Style: Katy Perry’s Top 5 Most Stylish Music Videos!

To be honest, I haven’t always loved Katy Perry, but I think that’s mostly b/c of the media’s attention given to the star not for her singer-songwriter status.  However, you can’t deny that she’s pretty magnetic to watch, whether in concert or in one of her always fabulous & fashionable music videos.  She’s got the pinup-girl-next-door vibe down & she makes no apologies for it.  When on the red carpet, she often goes over the top in her cartoon-inspired candy-coated get-ups, but I prefer her more natural look, as seen in music videos like “The One That Got Away,” “I Kissed A Girl,” and “Teenaged Dream.” In addition, I’ve included videos for “Part Of Me” and “Firework,” which I think capture Katy’s undeniable sense of glamour, yet she’s still relatable as a young woman in the world looking for love.  Watch the videos below & share with us which one is your favorite! Happy Styling!


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