Accessories Access: Carry Your Heart on Your Handbag!

Happy Valentine’s Day, Style Darlings! To bring a—temporary—close to all the loved-themed goods, I wanted to post a reminder that self-love, in whatever form works for you, is the best way to honor yourself so that you can love others.

Now, here’s a cute handbag:

SHOP: Carrie heart-shaped pebbled crossbody bag in red & black @Francesca’s (on sale: $36.00).

How would you style this bag? Do you prefer the red over the black or the other way around? Would you wear this? For more stylish Valentine’s posts, check out: tops & sweaters from New York & Company, sparkly jewelry sets from Macy’s, fashionable finds from LOFT & Bloom Chic, pullovers by Time & Tru, lovely pieces from J.Crew Factory & Cato Fashion, & cozy velour pajamas by Joyspun! Happy Styling & have a love-filled day!

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