Designer’s Best: Coco Chanel’s 129th Birthday Is Today & She’s Never Been More Fabulous!

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When I was sifting through my Twitter feed (@MissAlissaL) this morning, I was surprised to learn that today marks the 129th birthday of the one & only Coco Chanel.  The blogosphere is a embracing the day with #CocoChanelDay attached to every tweet, so I thought that today would be the perfect day to debut my latest category here on Style Darling, Designer’s Best. I’ve searched high & low to find some of the most fabulous looks by Chanel that have been worn by some of our favorite celebrities like Alexa Chung, Blake Lively, Emma Stone, Jennifer Aniston, Katy Perry, Sarah Jessica Parker, & many more!

Of course there are thousands more images to appreciate when celebrating the Chanel legacy, so check out Karl Lagerfeld’s “The Tale of a Fairy,” behind-the-scenes footages from Keira Knightley’s Coco Mademoiselle commercial, & Chanel’s denim-inspired nail polish! Also, I would love to share with readers some of my other favorite Chanel-related articles that are featured exclusively for today including Elle‘s “Looking Back: Coco Chanel”, “Coco Chanel Birthday: The Design House’s Signature Look Throughout The Years” from The Huffington Post, & Vogue’s “Honoring the Life of Coco Chanel!” Happy Styling!


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