Quickie Darling Deal & Steal: Steve Madden Markdowns for $34.99!

I haven’t had a chance to visit Steve Madden lately, so in my shoe-loving craze during the conference, I knew I had to find a few minutes to go on the hunt for some affordable summer shoes.  Of course, you’re gonna start seeing all the new fall arrivals, which I love b/c that means that my birthday is coming up! However, end-of-the-season deals are very tangible & can completely change your wardrobe when you least expect it!

Check out these Onasiss peep toe slingback cork heels ($34.99), available in both multi & natural & marked down from their original $109.95 price tag.  Neutrals are great to keep around for those wildly printed dresses or when you want to soften a brightly-hued skirt, but I always recommend to go bold when it comes to shoes.  You’d be surprised how a multi color pattern like this one can really work for your wardrobe.  Break these out with a pair of skinny jeans & silky tank, or get ready for some dancing in a flowy summer dress. 

What end-of-the-season deals are you looking for right now? Are you a shoe gal? Can you find these for an even better price? Happy Styling!

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