Quickie Darling Deal & Steal: Get Lacy With Heels From @GOjane!

During a recent visit to Polyvore, I was searching to make a set using items under $50.00 & that’s when I came across these lingerie-inspired heels.  I’m kind of going crazy over them, especially since nothing gets me more excited about shoes than lace shoes.  With all the hype surrounding that book, Fifty Shades of Gray, we’re forgetting about the  delicate & sexier side of making a flirty move.  Even if you’re an independent Style Darling, treating yourself to something pretty & decadent in appearance is always a great reward, especially after a long week at work.

However, these lace scalloped heels ($35.20) from GOjane are available in champagne (pictured above), fuchsia with a black lace overlay, & basic black with a lace overlay.  The 5.5-inch heel is a little initmidating, but perhaps given the right occasion & enough sitting time, these are the perfect way to finish off your look.  Normally, I wouldn’t go for closed-toe shoes this time of year, but who can resist such adorably fierce shoes?! I know I can’t! Happy Styling!

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