Quickie Darling Deal & Steal: 2 For $15 Belt Sale @Charlotte Russe!

I’m in desperate need of a fabulous belt moment.  I’ve shared with readers that I’ve recently dropped a dress size, but my budget is so tight that I can’t afford to makeover my entire wardrobe, especially since my goal for the end of the year is to top one more size by eating healthy, as well as getting plenty of exercise & rest.  However, right now I’m really only doing 1/3 of those things. Anyway, in a stylish effort to make my ill-fitting clothing more acceptable for public viewing, I’m turning to belts to cinch in my waist.  One of my favorite stores for that is Charlotte Russe & luckily enough, they’re having a sale on 2 for $15 belts, which are normally marked $9.50 each.

Since my spring & summer seasons are typically filled with dresses on the lighter hue, or easy-to-style neutrals, I’m always looking for an accessory like a belt that I can get the most use out of.  I like neutral colors in the tan, beige, cream, or white family since they pick up nicely on cork or wooden heels/wedges that I often pair with my dresses.  This includes the basic straw stretch belt, woven cord belt with wood buckle, lace overlay pant belt, & woven beaded macrame belt.

Each of these feature contrasting textures like straw with buckles, lace over metallic, cord with wood, as well as plastic & beading, adding more dimension to your outfit.  Casual-looking belts like these also help transform evening-ready pieces like a little black dress or printed sheath into something more day appropriate when worn with a cardigan or ballet flats.

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