Fashion Flashback: Happy 38th Birthday to Wondrous Style Iconic Gal Gadot!

Israeli actress Gal Gadot will forever be known for her empowering & charming portrayal of Diana in Wonder Woman, but in real life & on the red carpet, her breathtaking style is a mature & edgy blend of femininity & sultriness. While she often wears reds & blacks, no neckline, hemline, or slit is too revealing as she’s poised in front of the camera at premieres & awards shows. For her 38th birthday today, let’s take a stylish look back on the star’s recent fashion wonders!

Which red carpet look is your favorite? are you a Wonder Woman fan? Are you excited to see Gal play Cleopatra in her upcoming film? For more stylish celebrity posts, check out: Penelope Cruz’s best black gowns & dresses, model Miranda Kerr’s best red carpet moments, & rapper Nicki Minaj’s wildest bombshell looks! Happy Styling!

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