Watch This Style: What’s More Exciting Than Sarah Jessica Parker, Fashion, & Glee??

Glee is doing all the right things this season so far, only after 2 episodes & tomorrow night’s episode just got a little juicier with these 2 clips! However, the first video is the better of the pair, especially since it includes the iconic & incomparable Sarah Jessica Parker as fictional fashion designer Isabelle Wright who will be Kurt’s New York City mentor.  I know the show already did a Madonna episode, but why do I have the feeling that a number as glamorous as “Material Girl” is right around the corner.  Also, I’m crazy for Kurt’s fashion sense & how his character is turning another fashionable chapter.

Secondly, we’ve seen Brittany’s downward spiral hopefully at its worst, & here’s a sneak peek at her version of Hole’s “Celebrity Skin.” I always love it when the show reinvents songs, like Lea Michele singing “Oops I Did It Again,” but breaking out late 90s songs brings me back to my teenaged years of wearing neon pleather pants, or days straight of nothing but black (in a very Posh Spice kind of way).

What do you think of the videos? Are you excited about SJP’s return to television? What’s your favorite storyline this season on Glee? Which songs are you dying to see the cast reimagine? Happy Styling!

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