Watch This Style: Lea Michele Sing’s Britney’s “Oops I Did It Again” For Kate Hudson On Glee!

Even if you’re not a Gleek, you still need to check this out! Britney Spears has been making headlines as the latest new addition to X-Factor, but Glee is helping bring Brit-Brits music back to life, especially with Lea Michele‘s super sexy performance of “Oops I Did It Again,” which in my opinion is nothing compared to the original red pleather get-up that Britney wore in the song’s music video.

Check out this video, while Lea’s character, Rachel Berry, is trying to prove to her dance teacher, played by the smoldering Kate Hudson, that although she’s in her first year of college, she can still stand up on stage as a temptress.  Check out the video & share your thoughts! Did you watch the Britney 2.o episode? Do you want to see Lea Michele more? Which is your favorite character? Happy Styling!


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