Ad Madness: Chloe Grace Moretz for Aéropostale!

Actress Chloe Grace Moretz is leading the next generation in Style Darlings.  The Hugo actress, along with stars like Hailee Steinfeld & Elle Fanning, are on the rise on the red carpet, showing teenagers everywhere their classic, age-appropriate glamour.  However, the Georgia native has seven films currently in pre-production which are slated to keep her busy for the next three years, including a remake as the titular Carrie alongside veteran actress & fashion risk-taker, Julianne Moore.

Check out Chloe in her latest venture, which is a cute & fun ad campaign for Aéropostale.  Also included with the ad, which you can find in magazines like the August 2012 issue of People Style Watch, is a coupon for $20.00 on any pair of jeans.  The brand’s jeans typically cost up to $39.50, which makes this a spectacular 50% off deal! Happy Styling!

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