Inside A Style Blogger’s Closet: Spring Cleaning (Better Late Than Never)!

The time for spring cleaning came around a little late for me, considering that I’ve been super busy with my new job.  However, this weekend I was able to torture myself with the big spring-summer closet switch, which is usually a day-long process. To some bloggers out there, this may seem like a horrible mess of clutter & packed in boxes/hangers, but this is what I have & I’m making the best of it.  I was happy to reunite with old friends (summer shoes & dresses)- some of which (the dresses) were unfortunately too big for me, since I have fortunately lost nearly 30 pounds in the last 2(ish) years.  I’m making due with the wardrobe that I have since there’s just no way for me to spend any extra dough refurbishing some of these baggier items.  I’m getting friendlier with my belts everyday, seeing how well they can cinch me in & transform a once-tight tunic top into a flowy loose-fititng blouse.

Since the weight loss, I have officially dropped a dress size & am happy to save up more money while my waistline is shrinking.  Although I’m fearful of what will happen by the time the fall & winter roll around… will any of my favorites still fit? A close friend & former co-worker of mine has said in the past- “No matter how much weight you lose, your shoes always fit!” At least I’ll have them!

To check out my previous closet pic, check out this link from Inside A Style Blogger’s Closet! Happy Styling!

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