Quickie Darling Deal & Steal: Old Navy Summer Dresses On Sale!

There’s nothing quite like a summer dress sale to get the blood pumping.  Since I’ve been crazy busy these last few weeks, I haven’t given much notice to the latest & greatest at one of my favorite stores, Old Navy.  I went to the local store with my bestie last weekend & drooled over some of the styles, but this one blue summer dress caught my eye.  It’s no longer available on the store’s website, but that’s only b/c a few days after I spotted this dress, I received an email from Old Navy that it was marked down to $17.00. The patterned sweetheart dress (originally $34.94) then seemed attainable, only b/c I’m on a heavily restricted budget.

Not to mention that in preparation for the transition from spring to summer, I’ve been able to sqitch around my closet to find that last year’s collection of classic all-purpose spring dresses are too big one me! I’ve dropped a whole dress size & am troubled by the fact that I may have nothing flattering to wear this season.  I was able to get my hands on this dress in the store, priced just right in my new smaller size, but I highly recommend the cute yellow version, or any of the other flirty & comfortable dresses that the store currently has on sale! With prices like these, anyone can have a stylish summer! Don’t forget that this sale ends on 6/13 & these dresses are definitely selling quick!!

For more Quickie Darling Deal & Steal goodness, check out my previous post featuring ballet flats from Payless! Happy Styling!

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