Quickie Darling Deal & Steal: Embrace Embellished Flats by Brash from Payless!

I’ve been a very busy blogger on a super duper tight budget, not treating myself to anything style-related.  My wardrobe was literally keeping me up one night, crying & sobbing through the closet doors b/c I won’t let it make any new friends! Okay, that’s enough of that metaphor, but as a reward to myself for doing so well this semester (one night class at the community college), I took my 20% off coupon from Payless & went to check out what was going on.  I’m on the hunt for some cute, feminine purple flip flops, but came across these Brash Gemini flats ($29.99) in champagne.  Normally, I wouldn’t spend that much on flats, but since this was the only purchase I’d made in quite some time, I knew that I was making a much-needed investment since my current commute for work requires flats.

I took the plunge & continued to bring my own lunch to work for yet another week, but at least these flats will last me longer than any over-priced takeout.  While I did have a minute of buyer’s remorse after I left the store, I quickly got over it b/c I knew that I deserved to feel good about all of my recent hard work, thus represented in a pair of embellished rock-star flats like these! Happy Styling!

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