11/16/11 Darling of the Day: Pippa Middleton’s Leggings Look Is So Genius, It’s Inspired A Contest!

Big props to The Huffington Post for sharing a link to Style Darling, especially when I’ve been talking so much about the one & only, Pippa Middleton & her effortless street style!  Check out the entire 80+ picture gallery of Pippa’s outfits here.

However, these leggings that Ms. Pippa is wearing are causing quite the style stir since she’s not wearing the traditional tunic top, sweater, or any other rear-covering garment that typically requires leggings so that it looks like you’re not wearing something too short & you’re not showing off your bum, as the Brits say.

Does anyone see a problem with this look? I particularly do not. Personally, I wear leggings without a longer top all the time- around the house- but here with the suede ankle boots & a cute toggle coat, I am inspired!  And any not be?  She’s embracing her shape & probably isn’t paying as much attention to the fact that her behind is such a whopping focus, like the rest of the nay-saying bloggers.

Just because Kate Middleton is Pippa’s sister, it doesn’t mean that she can’t still look & dress like a woman.  Weren’t there even some comments made about Pippa’s rear curves during the royal wedding when she wore the silky Alexander McQueen gown?  What-evs!

I should mention that I especially have leggings on the brain since an upcoming leggings-themed birthday celebration for my fellow blogger Stacey (of EtsyBrook) is just days away & I think news like this just fuels the fire!

Normally, I feature affordable items that help shoppers recreate looks worn by celebrities, but really… any one of us can put together a look like this!  Need some leggings? Then check out my post here.  You can’t beat $8.00 from Target.  I have 5 pairs of these now!

So, I have a challenge for my Style Darling readers out there: Submit a picture to StyleDarlingEmail@gmail.com of your best leggings look (long top or not- but some type of top layering is required!), or if you’ve been inspired by Pippa’s shape-baring ensemble.  The subject of your email should read: Pippa Wears Leggings & So Do I! You should also include a brief description of the outfit, where it was purchased (any necessary links of the items), what you love about it, & where it is that you can be seen wearing it. By the end of the week, I’ll post my favorite image with some details behind its inspiration.  What’s the criteria to win?  Be tasteful, trendy, & classy- just like Pippa!

The prize for whoever I deem the winner is a dedicated post with your image, a polite thanks for being a reader, & a virtual nudge which can bring Style Darling one step closer to blog royalty- no pun intended! Happy Styling!

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