Inside A Style Blogger’s Closet: Where Style Meets Darling!

I’ve spent a great deal of time the last 2 weeks shopping & preparing my closet for fall-ready fashions, but nothing makes me happier than documenting this trial of trends. I did a serious workout this Sunday doing the great closet switch, which included all my bags, shoes, dresses, & other everyday apparel from the spring / summer now tucked in whatever storage space I have & in its place are the loads of fall / winter glam with which I am obsessed.

Of course this was no shallow feat of materialism, this required a great deal of soul-searching via style!  I thought it would have to be a full weekend process, but my motivation was high & level of organization was even higher, so I banged it out without tribulation! I have a limited space to work with & I’m happy to share what I’ve got!

One day I’ll have a spacious walk-in or a better organizer, but I have my shoeboxes labelled, tops color-coordinated, dresses & skirts separated by texture & length.  You see all those shoeboxes?  Well, they’re 99% from Payless & I love the sturdiness of the Lela Rose boxes sold @Payless.

My adventure did go beyond the closet as I reorganized by color, the slew of hand-made headbands that I try to wear regularly.  I have them also organized by color, but as you can see from the clothing above & headbands below, I love my black!  One of these days I’ll get my Etsy shop running (making Stacey of EtsyBrook very happy) & then you can get your hands on those bands too!

Check back for another post in Inside A Style Blogger’s Closet coming up! Happy Styling!

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