Fashion Flashback: Grace Kelly- The Iconic Oscar Winner & Elegant Star of ‘Rear Window!’

For lack of style news to talk about today (it’s been a rough week), I thought I’d post a little something that I found on YouTube.  This video isn’t even a minute long, but shows (in black & white) Grace Kelly accepting her Oscar for Best Actress in The Country Girl. The American Princess of Monaco hit it big as an actress in the 1950s, but left her career for royal & family life. Check out the quick view of her pale blue Edith Head gown.  Her signature white gloves & classic style are what makes her a timeless icon of style.

Also, I love the Alfred Hitchcock movie Rear Window.  There’s something about it that I haven’t been able to shake since I saw it for the first time this summer.  It would make a really fantastic play (if anyone wants to try & write it with me!).  However, part of what I love about it, besides the story & cinematography of a small apartment complex is the one & only Grace Kelly, who stars with James Stewart in the thriller.  She’s every bit of glamorous with an ease & effortlessness that’s hard to come by now.  So take a look a revamped trailer for the movie & get a good look at Grace’s flawless costumes which make the movie all the more worth seeing!

Happy Styling!

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