Inside A Style Blogger’s Closet: Ciao Style Darlings, From Italia!

Ciao Style Darlings! My time in Italy is coming to an end, but I wanted to share a little something from my trip.

A few days ago the weather was particularly gorgeous, for it being January & all, so I took a stroll along the Arno river, wearing my favorite sweater dress with cable knit panel ($22.50) in green.  Also, I’ve been leaving my footprint all over Florence in my boots from Payless.

Additional favorites include my leggings from Target, as well as flats boots & another sweater tunic.

I should also mention that I’ve made a few trips to the local H&M, finding such affordable fashions, including a green short-sleeved dress. As it turns out the conversion from Euros to U.S. currency wasn’t pro-budget, but there were dozens of other sale items that I’m bringing back with me from the international retailer.

Tomorrow (Saturday) is my travel day, & then I’ll be waking up on Sunday back on Long Island, reacquainting myself with all the shoes in my closet that I’ve been missing.

Hope everyone’s having a stylish 2012 so far! Ciao! Happy Styling!

Quickie Darling Deal & Steal: How I Saved Over $27 On This Sweater From Kohl’s!

Shame on me for going to Kohl’s this weekend when I’m on a crazy tight budget since I’m going away next month- however, I couldn’t resist a deal this good on something so cute that could last me all winter long! Of course when people travel during the winter, they’re going to warmer climates, but not this Style Darling.  I’m headed to Florence, Italy & there, I’ll be packing on the sweaters while I swig back il vino! With the goal of only packing two pairs of jeans for the 10-day excursion, I was going to rely on leggings & sweater looks, which will surely take up most of the room in my carry-on luggage.

When I was passing by the Juniors’ department (somewhere that I haven’t traveled for quite some time now), I found this Mudd marled tunic sweater ($19.99) in deep teal.  There were also variations on gray, black, red, purple, & navy, but I’ve been gravitating to the jewel tone a lot lately.  Don’t brunettes always look good in teal?  Anyway, knowing that juniors’ sizes run a little small, I grabbed one size up & focused on the sale price, which had been reduced from $40.00.  That’s 50% savings right there & I had a 20% off coupon for being a Kohl’s card holder.

I circled rack like a vulture of bargains & style, which is when I noticed that the sign for the price on the other side of the rack read $14.99. Having come from a retail background, I knew that the store has to honor the error in pricing for the merchandise, so I went up to the register, ready to make my purchase, which rang up for $19.99.  When I very politely made my point that there was a sign which read $14.99, without hesitation, the careful cashier gave me another $5.00 off the price & didn’t even check to see if my allegations were correct.  The sweater came to just over $12.00 & I walked out of there one happy Style Darling!

Lesson learned: It never hurts to pay attention & speak up, especially when there are savings to be had.  If it came to speaking to a supervisor about the error, I would have been very happy to reason with him/her & not be a crazy customer, especially this time of year.  I even had my bestie with me as a witness that the sign had been incorrectly priced for the item advertised. Power in number! Happy Styling!

Quickie Darling Deal & Steal: Sweet Tunic Sweater From Forever 21 & Marked Down Boots From Payless!

Sweaters have been on my mind, if you haven’t noticed!  I’ve been searching all over to get my hands on a sweater dress, or at least a tunic sweater to wear with my leggings & new flat boots.  During a spur-of-the-moment trip to Forever 21, I came across this super adorable, semi-preppy looking knit striped tunic sweater in black & white ($13.50).  The price was perfect & I just had to try it on. All my friends know that I’m very pro black & white & when I found that it fit & would look perfect with my leggings, I knew it was a must-have!

The tunic also comes in charcoal & black, red & black, chocolate & khaki, & heather gray & black, in sizes Small, Medium, & Large. I know Forever 21 is not a store for everybody.  I think the brand needs to expand on their available of sizes for us Style Darlings with curves, but when you find something like this, it’s so hard to pass up.

Even though Payless doesn’t have a big BOGO 50% off sale now, many of their latest boot styles are marked down.  These ‘Sayde Anne’ short shaft boots ($19.99) were originally priced for $34.99.  I bought them during the BOGO 60% off sale on Columbus Day, but went back to get an adjustment since there was about a $15.00 price difference.  Since I didn’t necessarily need the boots right away, I could’ve just returned them at the store if they wouldn’t do an adjustment & then bought them online with FREE SHIPPING to any Payless store location.  Always gotta find a way to beat the system all in the name of style!

I’m planning on wearing this tunic with basic black leggings (which I recently blogged about also), the gray flat boots, & some kind of wide belt to show off my shape.  I’ve been invited to a friend’s house for a “comfy snuggle night,” where we’ll enjoy some karaoke, a movie, appetizers, & desserts.  When it comes to comfy, I automatically think of something with leggings that won’t make me feel so constricted. If & when I’m able to post pictures of myself in the actual outfits that I’m talking so much about, this will make for a great post in The $100 Challenge b/c the pieces shown above & my leggings for $8.00 from Target only total just under $42!

Take a click on over to the store’s wesbite to check out their latest BOGO FREE sale on tops, sweaters, skirts, stocking, & menswear!  Would you wear this sweater tunic?  Do you shop @Forever 21?  Happy Styling!