Show Me The Shoes: Taylor Swift Collaborates With Keds For A New Collection!

Country crooner Taylor Swift recently lent her good-next-door, all-American style chops to a new collection with the shoe brand Ked’s. Her affinity for playful details like polka dots, kittens, sunglasses, & nautical inspiration is evident in the collaboration which retails at $50.00 a pair. Not to mention that Taylor is using the her foray into fashion as a role model, calling all “brave girls” to share their bravest moments.

Taylor Swft for Ked's

As seen in the video below, Taylor talks about her move from Pennsylvania to Nashville with her family once she convinced them of her dream to be a singer / songwriter. In addition, check out the video below, which features the shoes in action, perfect for spring, as Taylor encourages her fans & Ked’s customers to embrace life. It’s a pretty amazing message that she’s sending via shoe design, which makes me consider how many different ways Ked’s can be mixed into your everyday wardrobe.

Obviously, I don’t normally features sneakers in my Show Me The Shoes posts, but I love the idea behind this collaboration? Would you wear Ked’s designed by Taylor Swift? Which style is your favorite? How would you wear them? Happy Styling!