Accessories Access: Upgrade Your Bling Game with These 50% Off Nordstrom Rack Statement Necklaces!

When it comes to accessorizing, I believe in balance. Very rarely would I pair a chunky necklace with over-the-top earrings because I wouldn’t want my special pieces to distract or appear too heavy. With the start of the new school year, though, I’ve been finding every opportunity I can to wear my favorite & most stylish statement necklaces, especially since they went unworn for so long while I worked from home for 15 months & being boxed up for 2 years. Here are just some of the old favorites that have recently emerged into rotation, as seen on Style Darling Daily’s Instagram:

However, all of these pieces are past season & no longer available in stores that are also no longer available. That doesn’t mean our talk about statement necklaces has to end there! Nordstrom Rack comes to the rescue with 50% off some beautiful fashion jewelry, including statement necklaces, to prepare shoppers for the upcoming holiday & autumn wedding seasons. Take a look at my recommended picks:

SHOP: Eye Candy Los Angeles June pavé crystal flower statement necklace (on sale: $41.97), purple ivy necklace (on sale: $32.97), Juline multi color crystal collar necklace (on sale: $34.97), & color collar necklace (on sale: $32.97) @Nordstrom Rack.

Do you wear statement jewelry? Do you prefer bold necklaces or earrings? where do you shop for your blingiest accessories? For more stylish posts, check out: the best beauty & jewelry moments from the 2022 Emmys, fabulous fall flats from ASOS, stylish sweaters by A New Day, & the prettiest faux leather midi dress! Happy Styling!

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