The Stylish Five: Barrettes from Ardene for $3.33!

As the seasons transition from spring to summer and back again without much warning, my hair has been feeling the brunt of it. I’ve accepted that when it heats up outside and the humidity is just too powerful, my straightened locks must return to their natural, curly form. However, in doing so, I turn to hair accessories to keep my hair out of my face and still look put together for morning summer classes, running errands with my family on the weekend, or heading to a beach concert!

Additionally, in my slow, but steady return to the in-person retail world, I’ve recently discovered Ardene, a Canadian fast fashion retailer, at my local mall, which fit right into the spot I missed seeing New York & Company in the past. Although I’m no longer in the juniors market for clothing (which I accept happily), I can appreciate a good sale on accessories that’ll add some sparkle to my mane and glitz to my summer day. This includes the following barrettes from Ardene that are all currently on sale for $3.33:

SHOP: 1. Plastic Chain Link Hair Clip in black, 2. Quilted-Effect Hair Clip in beige, 3. Gold-Tone Butterfly Hair Clip, 4. Gold-Tone Flower Barrette, & 5. Gold-Tone Leaf Hair Clip.

I already own #1, 2, & 4, as my local store didn’t carry the others, but the website is loaded with all sorts of cute hair accessories, perfect for now, stocking up for any upcoming birthdays or holidays down the road. My hair accessories get overused each season, so I appreciate being able to replace them when I need to with stylish & affordable options like these, which can be worn with a variety of looks at the beach, on the go, or while giving a lecture summer reading!

Where do you shop for summer hair accessories? Which accessories do you rely on to keep cool this summer? For more posts about stylish accessories, check out: Blake Lively’s little white dress look, Kate Spade sparkles, summer wristlets from Target, & upgrading tees with patterns & jewels. Happy Styling!

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