Watch This Style: Chanel Reinvents La Montre PREMIERE!

In a world where everyone owns a cell phone, tinkers with a tablet on the subway, or uses other such jacked-up flat screen electronic devices at all times, it seemed unnecessary for me to wear a watch since a digital answer was just a click away. However, thanks to a very special someone <3, my favorite Hello Kitty watch has been revamped with a gorgeous new white leather band, a holiday gift which also included a new battery so that its inside hands may carry on. I’ve rediscovered my appreciation for a timepiece- not to mention the value of time, especially when it comes to cherishing the moments that can define a shared connection between two people. Such untimed flashes of emotion include hearing I-love-you & saying it back for the first time, getting lost in one another’s embraces outside during the first snowfall of a relationship & in the stark coldness of a brisk parking lot just before two cars pull away separately, or lastly, how there’s an automatic response to reach across a sticky table surface to hold one’s watch-adorned hand since those fingers belong entangled together more so than any invention with wheels or springs could ever measure. Yes, time has been on my mind.

While this post shares the latest in watch design from Chanel, wearing something with Hello Kitty’s pink-bowed face on it with rhinestones & a silver-tone frame from an Avon catalogue doesn’t necessarily fall on the same level of luxury. It’s still nonetheless valuable in more ways than I could ever put into words, always reminding me the hour of the day, as well the individual who I’ll hold in my heart as time continues to tick away- a metronome for when our song may commence again. To each their own…

However, in the recent down time that I’ve had while enduring the aftermath of last weekend’s winterstorm Nemo, I was able to catch up on some movies that were taking up space on my DVR, including Coco Before Chanel, starring the always lovely Audrey Tautou as the couturière. The film follows Gabrielle Chanel, starting with her days before adopting the nickname Coco, falling in love for the first time, & experiencing her first & only tragic heartbreak. She develops her own fashion sense once moving to the the French countryside, inspired mainly by menswear. She was progressive in rejecting what she thought were gaudy embellishments, as well as offensive & uncomfortable silhouettes for women in real life. Which brings me to my ultimate point…

Chanel La Montre Premiere

The House of Chanel has recently reinvented & re-issued their La Montre PREMIERE watch, which was first released in 1987. Sadly, Chanel herself never designed a watch for the brand in her lifetime, but details like its octagonal case, diamond & pearl decoration in each variation, as well as delicate, yet structured links channel the legendary icon’s personal sense of fashion. I found the video below, which shows the watch in action, mixed with modern-day casual looks, streetwear for the girl-on-the-go, office-friendly outfits, cocktail frocks, & everything in between, needlessly proving the longevity of Chanel style. Yes, that’s a time-related pun in there.

For more fashionable videos, check out previous posts including Beyoncé’s Vogue cover shoot, Justin Timberlake’s Grammy performance, behind-the-scenes for the Versace Spring-Summer 2013 ad campaign, & an inside look at Season 2 of Girls! Happy Styling!

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