Beauty Buys: Forever 21’s Affordable Stocking Stuffers For A Beautiful 2013!

I’ve been taking my time sifting through the pages of all my favorite issues of the December magazines, checking out the best deals on gifts for my Style Darling pals without breaking my budget, while still offering something fun & useful to make 2013 all the more beautiful.  If you’re in a rut & need to pick up a few fashionable extras while scoping out the great deals @Forever 21, check out their beauty products, which are always a great way to discover new hues & change up your routine. I picked out the love & beauty eyeshadow ($2.80) in beige, jade, & gunmetal since they’re perfect for any look & season. To apply these shimmering shades, I’ve also selected the cheetah pattern cosmetic brushes ($3.80), which comes with 5 valuable pieces for bringing out your best features.

Forever 21 beauty buys

Switch up the usual cosmetic must-haves & add some bling inside your bag with the rhinestoned mirror compact & tweezer set ($5.80).  You’ll love applying the essential hues for day, night, & parties in the lip gloss trio ($4.80) which is available in four different combinations, including rose/cherry, red/berry, pink/hot pink, & natural/bronze for every skin tone.  Take advantage of the bold nail art trend hitting Instagram with the color tip nail kit ($8.80) with 8 matte shades, necessary for any polish collection.

What are your favorite stocking stuffers to give? Do you like to give beauty products to your favorite friends? Where do you shop for the best beauty deals? Happy Styling!

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