Watch This Style: Christina Aguilera’s New Video For “Your Body!”

I’ve come to notice that when I say I’m excited about something, I usually say I’m super excited, but why would I share anything less with my readers? For those of you who haven’t caught Christina Aguilera‘s newest music video for “Your Body,” off her upcoming album Lotus, due out November 13th, I’m sharing the fun dance-heavy track in all of its Stripped & 80s-inspired flavor! Of course the Grammy winner has been making headline lately for her weight gain, but she’s embracing her curves & in my opinion, she looks damn good in this video!

The Voice coach dons leopard leggings, a mini black dress, denim & tie-dye, a “Rich Bitch” collar necklace, & layers of lingerie. Also, her hair pays tribute to those Stripped days with braids, funky & fun bursts of color á la Nicki Minaj & Katy Perry, but Christina’s also got some feminine curls, nodding to the Lucille Ball reference at the end of the video.  Take a look & share with your Xtina fan friends! What do you think of Christina’s fuller figure? Are you pre-ordering her latest album? Happy Styling!


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