Watch This Style: Lipstick Jungle Has Been On My Mind!

There aren’t very many short-lived television shows that stick with me, but without a doubt, Lipstick Jungle is one of them & I’m so happy to have dvds of both seasons, but I still want more from the show that is no longer on the air (boo NBC!).  However, I was lucky to come across some style inspiration in the form of this video with a behind-the-scenes look at the styles worn by characters Nico, Wendy, & Victory, played respectively by Kim Raver, Brooke Shields, & Lindsay Price.  Who was your favorite on the show? Which were your favorite scenes? Could Nico’s romance with Kirby get any hotter?! If only!

For more on the long, lost but not forgotten show, check out my previous post here.  Take a look at the video below & share it with your fellow Style Darlings! Happy Styling!

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