The Stylish Five: Last-Minute Stocking Stuffers ($15 & Under)!

I managed to make my way to the local mall last night, just to assist the bestie in finding some secret Santa gifts.  I was not surprised at the amount of shoppers still remaining walking about, frantically in search to complete their gift list.  Or maybe I’m wrong & they’re all shopping for themselves?  Anyway, sometimes there’s more to life than building a quality, but affordable wardrobe, so I wanted to take a quick minute to feature some really cute stocking stuffer gifts for the last-minute Style Darling to consider.

Some of my favorite stores for accessories like Charlotte Russe & Forever 21 have affordable gift selections, which makes shopping all the more easier! If you have a friend who’s always listening to music on their iPod, or some other device with headphones, then maybe consider jazzing up their setup with a heart headphone splitter ($9.50), which is adorable adorned with pink rhinestones.  Also, to keep with the sparkly theme, I know I’m always looking for a new bobby pins & the multicolor bobby pin set ($4.50) which has 60-pins in total is just the way to go when I’m looking to tie my bangs back & coordinate it with my outfit too!

Also, for a Style Darling on a budget, I know I’m always keeping track of my coins.  I like to collect them every so often until I can’t zip my wallet closed & then deposit the loose change into my savings.  There’s another $20 or so set aside that I didn’t even know I had.  So… the sparkling piggy bank ($14.80) in pink may be just the thing for me to see how long I can go to fill it up before I make that deposit.  Perhaps, if that’s too much pink for the Style Darling in your life, there’s also one available in clear rhinestones!  This makes an especially fun gift since trying to save more money each year is among the most popular of resolutions.

As a writer, I would absolutely love the filigree pen holder ($4.80), which makes for a stylish addition to any desk.  It’s also great for storing little beauty necessities like bobby pins, cosmetic brushed, or to decorative with a votive inside.  Maybe if you use it to hold pens, it can serve your 2012 resolution of taking the time to put together hand-written notes, a dying art since Facebook, text messaging, & Skype are just a click away these days.

What better way to look forward to 2012, especially the fabulous & upcoming spring styles than with a leopard print umbrella ($6.50).  When you can’t quite make an animal print work in your outfit, here’s an easy solution to finding a way to show off your wild side.  Plus it’s super tiny & can fit in most tote bags to carry with you when inclement weather may or may not be on its way!

Where do you shop for last-minute gift items?  Is there something on here that I missed?  Would you find any of these picks useful for yourself? Happy Styling!

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