Luxury Look-Alikes for Less: Get Embellished With A Clutch from Forever 21 or by Judith Leiber @Neiman Marcus!

My apologies, Style Darlings, for the long-awaited return of my style posts.  This holiday season has demanded much of my time & now that I’m officially done with all school & baking obligations, I can devote more time to the best picks for the end of the year celebration.  What better way to do that than with a return to Luxury Look-Alikes for Less?!

If you’re looking for the best New Year’s Eve accessory as you’re making plans for a fabulous party, check out these two clutches, which vary in price by a wide margin!  Of course, there’s a certain je-ne-sais-quoi about the luxe design of a clutch by accessories-designer-to-the-stars, Judith Leiber, especially when it comes to this fizzy studded envelope clutch ($1595.00) from Neiman Marcus.  However, since we’re Style Darling son a budget, you can carry on the same embellished feel with the glamour pearl clutch bag ($14.80) from Forever 21, while saving yourself lots of money.  What’s so great about both of these bags is that they’re flashy enough for a girl’s night out, a more formal event, or for cocktail hour.  Remember: Style Darlings should always get the most out of their wardrobe & accessories, so let’s make that our resolution for 2012!  Happy Styling!

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