Watch This Style: Long Live Lipstick Jungle, Featuring Victory Ford, Nico Reilly, & Wendy Healy!

Unfortunately, one of my favorite short-lived shows, Lipstick Jungle, was canceled a few years back, but I found myself searching away on YouTube for a darling clip of the show that I still love sooo much! Even though the show, created by Sex & the City author Candace Bushnell, lasted a whole 20 episodes, I wanted to share this clip.

The show starred Brooke Shields as movie exec Wendy Healy, Kim Raver as media mogul Nico Reilly, & Lindsay Price as fashion designer Victory Ford.  I have to say that Nico & Victory were my favorites, but fashion played such a big role in the show, as though it was a whole other character, defining each of the powerful women.

Take a look & enjoy! Express your love for the show, just as I have.  Obviously, it’s not coming back, but it’s worth the almost 7-minutes here! I’ll be sure to post more video clips of the show that continues to inspire my style & wardrobe, as well as strengthen my relationships with my closest female friends. If you like this post, then check out more from Watch This Style, featuring Sex & the City 2 clips,  looks from the stars of Pan Am, & Gwen Stefani’s Top 5 Most Stylish Music Videos! Happy Styling!

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