Quickie Darling Deal & Steal: Slip Into Faux Snakeskin Flats @Topshop!

As usual, when conversation starts to run a little dry, I immediately turn to some shoe talk!  A friend / co-worker & I were having a discussion of the need for shoes this afternoon.  While I was perfectly okay with my shoe supply, she, a glowing new mom, was on the hunt for new shoes.  I know she’s a ballet flat kind of Style Darling & so I was inspired to hunt for some adorable shoe choices.  There are some days when a cute pair of flats are just necessary, which is why I return to the style, time & time again.  Recently, I was suffering from some major calf aches after overdoing my post-Thanksgiving workout routine & required to stand on level ground for a few days, so the flats came in handy.

Pricing on flats is totally up to the consumer b/c one can get a lot of mileage out of flats, especially in a work environment where walking & standing is necessary.  I did some clicking around on Topshop & found that the Valentine faux snakeskin ballet pumps ($36.00) in pink & tan are unexpected ways to mix up your footwear, especially since they’d look so fierce against an opague tight or sneaking out from under your favorite pair of trousers.

Also, the natural & orange pairs ($40.00) come in a toecap design too, which make for an elegant way of showing off an animal-inspired print in your shoes.  Try these with an a-line skirt & blouse, or for a casual day out & about with skinny jeans & a graphic tee.  In my opinion, there’s always a good time for some snakeskin (although black & white zebra is always my first choice), but a little hint of your wild side makes for a confident & playful outfit!

Of course, I understand that said friend might not be looking to spend a whole $36-$40 on a pair of flats, but the style is just a suggestion, especially when a minimal print like pinstripes or lace details in your wardrobe can really be accented well with faux snakeskin.  For other darling, affordable flats, check out these links to Charlotte Russe, Payless, Forever 21, & GOjane. Happy Styling!

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