The Stylish Five: Torrid’s Five Best Clearance Deals ($15 & Under)!

In times of economic woe, we’re all looking for a bargain.  I’m always looking at the clearance racks before I go anywhere else in a store & Torrid is no exception to that! Right now, check out these five items, which run under $15 to help build some looks this season & for next year.

It’s never too early (or too late) to add special touches of style into your wardrobe, including the gold & jet stone hoop earrings ($2.99) which are perfect for any going out look.  Break out an LBD or neutral skirt suit for the black scallop lace crochet tights ($11.98) which would look great with your best suede ankle booties.  If you’re looking for something simple to go underneath a brocade blazer, the twist tee ($14.97) in purple mix is a very necessary basic.

Also, to get a head start on next spring / summer, the Sonia Rainbow snake skin sandal ($9.97) in green is a timeless accessory for a maxi dress, shorts outfit, & poolside look.  Lastly, if you’re a hat girl, check out the white tweed fedora with brown belt band ($12.98) for a flirty touch to your menswear look!  For more posts from The Stylish Five, check out items under $11.00, affordable LBDs, & jewelry from JC Penney! Happy Styling!

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