11/10/11 Darling of the Day: My Girl Crush on Pippa Middleton (In Zara) Continues!

I’ll admit my girl crush on Pippa Middleton.  It’s right up there with Scarlett Johansson, Kristin Davis, & Gwyneth Paltrow.  If you didn’t notice already, this weekend was big for Style Darling in that I posted my first-ever single Style Darling gallery, featuring the famous British sister.  Here she wears this dress with seams ($79.99) from Zara, which is available for purchase by buyers in the United States!

I had high hopes of turning this into a post for The $100 Challenge, but seeing as how the dress is costly, that wasn’t going to work.  However, since we’re darlings on a budget, it is okay to splurge every now & again on a special piece.

There are just a few chic pieces to complete the look, ones that you may already have if you’ve followed any of my posts so far this fall!  For example the single-button metro stretch jacket ($48.96) from New York & Company is an essential piece for any occasion.

It was easy to find the next five items which really bring out Pippa’s figure & the edginess in the dress.  @Forever 21, the studded suedette ankle boots ($32.80) are just the wow factor needed to punch it up.  Also, the buckled leatherette handbag in brown ($34.80) is functional b/c of its adjustability.  There’s one sale that you can’t miss & that’s on the sunglasses like these ($3.99), which are marked down from $5.00.

For a staple piece of jewelry, take a look @Kohl’s to see the gold mesh tone ring ($11.70) by Jennifer Lopez, which is also available in silver tone.

Would you spend $80 on a dress like this?  Do you admire Pippa’s modern & minimalist style?  For more on Pippa, be sure to check out the gallery, as well as where to find look-alike flats, inspired by Pippa & how to replicate her casual chic style.  Happy Styling!

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