Inside A Style Blogger’s Closet: Most Mod, Darling Halloween Costume / Retro-Inspired Outfit!

Even though my Halloween party plans did not come to fruition this weekend (stupid weather!), I put together my look since I was so looking forward to wearing it!

Typically, I dress up in my favorite party dress with some birthday-themed adornments from the local party store & attend festivities as a birthday girl. To me, Halloween is just another reason to show off the stylish part of my personality & this year, I went with being a mod 60s gal! Having scored this darling houndstooth mod dress ($17.95) @H&M just recently, I knew that it had to make its long-awaited debut for Halloween.  I’m not the blood & guts kind of trick-or-treater anyway.

The dress is the only new purchase to my wardrobe, which I plan on wearing to work on Monday, however minus the bright turquoise tights.  Since my job isn’t quite one where Halloween costumes are permitted, I’m substituting the turquoise with a deep plum opague tight, hoping to look more professional, but still polished with a fashionable belt to cinch me in.  The pictured tights come from Target from a few years ago & rarely make an appearance, but the color is just so playful & fun, I like to pair it with a plain work-appropriate LBD & some textured ballet flats.  My high heel maryjanes represent an old Payless purchase & my sweater jacket is a favorite from Old Navy.

I’m a big lover of black & white patterns, so it goes without saying that the houndstooth headband thrived in my arsenal of hair accessories for quite some time now- perhaps a purchase from Icing by Claire’s? I’m keeping this post short & sweet, so Happy Halloween!  Happy Styling!

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