Quickie Darling Deal & Steal: My Favorite Leggings for $8 @Target!

I was recently in the market for some leggings, pre-emptively preparing for an upcoming trip to Italy.  I’m probably one of the last twenty-somethings on the planet to embrace leggings, but it was a hard battle since I’m an avid skirt/dress kind of Style Darling.  I mean, Charlotte York never wore leggings, with possibly the exception of that 80s flashback in the movie’s sequel.

I’d wear the leggings as the easiest-to-pack form of pajama bottoms & go-to legwear with a sweater dress & boots, making travel easier & more versatile.  I didn’t have very much success with jeggings (it’s totally my shape, but I’m really okay with this!).  Therefore, I was hoping that an all-black cotton legging would solve the problem that I was having with my thighs looking like two giant wads of sausages attached to my hips.  Anyway, since I was on the hunt, I found @Target a pair of long leggings ($8.00) by Mossimo Supply Co..  The price was too good to turn down!

After I found the comfort & movability in the leggings, I wanted to buy another pair or two as backup for when I go away since I’d rather keep one for sleeping in & another to wear out with a tunic top or long sweater.  I couldn’t find any more in the store in black (although they’re also available in heather gray), much to my dismay, but ventured onto the website & ordered the long pair.  If you’re into the capri-length leggings, they’re also $8.00, but what I would suggest if you’re seriously thinking about getting them, buy them one size bigger.  After all, Mossimo is a Juniors’ brand for the retail giant.

The website offers free shipping for purchases over $50.  I searched high & low for some extra little items like tights, socks, & underwear that could be necessities to help avoid paying the extra shipping cost; however, I found a darling black sweater dress which made my purchase over the required minimum for free shipping.  As it turns out, just like I thought, the dress just didn’t look quite right & I can return it to my local Target store, with receipt & all. I ended up saving myself the shipping cost & get back the $30+ amount which I laid out for a short amount of time on the unsuccessful dress.

Since I know that the Target in which I frequent is so local, I’m not wasting any gas to get there.  I was trying to avoid paying for a shipping & handling free, but end up saving that cash when I got for my weekly yogurt run.  I’ve since received the two pair of leggings & am overjoyed to start thinking about all the fabulous outfits that I can make with them… but I now just have to find the right pair of slouchy boots so that I can look chic while walking through the Gucci Museum in Florence in January.  I still can’t get over the fact that I was wearing (affordble & comfortable, yet low on the totem pole) sneakers from Payless when I visited the Salvatore Ferragamo museum when I was last in Florence.

Do you wear leggings?  If so, how do you like to wear them?  How many pairs do you own?  Where do you find the best leggings? Do you think the leggings trend is coming to an end? Happy Styling!

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