Luxury Look-Alikes for Less: Pippa Middleton’s French Sole Ballet Flats!

If you don’t know who Pippa Middleton is, then you live under a very unfashionable rock!  I’ve been keeping up with her street style since she’s the most talked about British sister, making a major splash in the style blogosphere!  Not to mention that she very proudly demonstrates how to wear some of her favorite pieces over & over again, you know like the rest of us do! Case in point, these red ‘Hortense’ ballet flats by French Sole, which cost £104 (that’s Euros).  That’s an awful lot of money to spend on a pair on these flats, which are available in fifteen different colors & styles.  Imagine how many pairs of shoes you can buy for that much money! Hmm… sounds like an upcoming blog!

Anyway, red flats are the perfect way to add a splash of personality to a casual look when you’re out & about.  Just look at Pippa in these images above, wearing a blouse with a scarf & black pants, a belted dress with a shoulder bag, printed shorts with a blazer, a plaid shirt & skinny jeans, & a pretty LWD.

For under $40.00, I’ve found seven pairs of luxury look-alike red flats from Zappos ($39.90), ALDO ($39.98), Target ($19.99), Payless ($16.99), 6PM ($14.95), Charlotte Russe ($19.50), & Gap ($34.99).

If you’re a fan of Pippa’s check her out in a Darling of the Day post here & a Basics for a Bargain post here! Also, if you’re crazy for flats, then head over to Style ABC’s (x3) for some fashionable flats, Quickie Darling Deal & Steal for a look at my favorite flats, NYC Street Style for some fall-ready flatsThe Stylish Five for ALDO flats on sale! Happy Styling!

4 thoughts on “Luxury Look-Alikes for Less: Pippa Middleton’s French Sole Ballet Flats!

  1. Thanks, I didn’t know there was a difference in stores. I’ll fix the link & image. I don’t do much UK shopping, but I appreciate the input. 🙂

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