Silver Screen Style: Michelle Williams (& More) as Marilyn Monroe in “My Week With Marilyn!”

I’ve been covering the very exciting details for the new movie, My Week with Marilyn, for quite a while over on Movie Buzzers (a movie news site for which I also write).  There are so many images out right now, showing the staggering similarity between Marilyn’s long lost features and the two-time Academy Award nominee, Michelle Williams who is starring as the legendary sex symbol.

The movie follows a 1957 Monroe for one week during her London filming of The Prince & The Showgirl alongside & under the direction of Sir Laurence Olivier (played by Kenneth Branaugh).  Also starring in the film is Tony-winner Eddie Redmayne as Colin Clark, the assistant who is documenting the entire week. The cast could not be complete without Dougray Scott as Marilyn’s third husband, Arthur Miller, Julia Ormond as Olivier’s wife-at-the-time Vivien Leigh, Dame Judi Dench as actress Dame Sybil Thorndike, Derek Jacobi as Sir Owen Morshead, Emma Watson as Colin’s love interest Lucy, and Dominic Cooper as Milton Greene.

I wanted to share these images b/c I love seeing Marilyn’s style during her very short & underestimated career.  Looking at these also help pass the time for the My Week with Marilyn finally premieres on November 4th.  When a trailer comes out, I’ll definitely be posting it.

Look at the striking similarities between the black & picture of Marilyn Monroe & Arthur Miller vs. a movie still of Michelle Williams & Dougray Scott!

For more on Marilyn Monroe’s timeless style, check out the Fashion Flashback category to see how you can bring these vintage looks into the 21st century! Happy Styling!

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