1/19/11 Darling of the Day: Cate Blanchett in Menswear!

Talk about sexy in menswear!  Although Cate Blanchett can sometimes be mistaken for an androgynous male alter ego (I’m Not There anyone?), she’s certainly one of the most versatile & respected actresses of today with a killer sense of style.

At a recent red carpet event, she wears a Dries van Noten pantsuit in classic black & white, but with white trousers & a black jacket.  How daring is she for winter?  With a hint of a peep toe & pink lips, she puts fashionistas half her age to shame!  A sharp look like this needs no other accessory (well, maybe a pair of studs doesn’t hurt!) than some attitude & confidence!

For more on Cate’s one-of-a-kind style, click here.

QUICK NOTE: I’ve become quite blog savvy in the last few days, what with inspiration from my trip to Italy thus making me a more ambitious writer & lover of style, so I’ve added a bunch of new features to my blogs, starting with this one.  If you grace your cursor over the image, you’ll see where the item is from & how much it costs, saving a great deal of text to what I hope is a more professional looking article.

While I continue to focus on celebrity looks, I will also endeavor to provide more style details about this history on the red carpet & so forth.  Any comments, questions, or suggestions, send them my way!  Happy Styling!

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