Holiday Gift Styles: Casper’s Beauty Sleep Challenge & Stylish Deals for Better Sleep!

November is nearly over, but it’s not too late to take better steps towards National Sleep Comfort Month… Did you know? I didn’t! Casper, a company that makes latex memory foam mattresses, is holding a Beauty Sleep Challenge & Style Darling is up for the task, sharing favorite ways to relax in style & get ready for bed for a more satisfying night’s sleep. Not to mention the fact that everyone’s life gets crazy, so giving the gift of better sleep to a loved one this holiday season is a great idea, whether it’s with a pajama set, fuzzy slippers, stylish throw blanket, or relaxing extras like candles or moisturizers!

When it comes to sleepwear, I’m all about color. Here’s the one instance where color-coordination isn’t such a big deal for me. I love mixing pops of color since sleep is all about a time for your body to rejuvenate & why not have fun with colors & patterns that you can alternate for a playful sleep ensemble? When hitting the sheets, I’ve picked some must-haves that will certainly make lounge-time even better, & these selections won’t break the bank!

Casper's Beauty Sleep Challenge for National Sleep Comfort MonthSHOP: Eartherapeutics sleep mask ($8.00) @Ultashort robe ($39.50) in pink @Victoria’s Secret, pajama set ($13.19) in oatmeal heather @Target, pajama set ($13.19) in grey @Target, & slippers ($17.95) in blue @H&M.

This is definitely the time of year to bundle up & I’m not one to shy away from blanket variety, if I’m snuggling up for a Sunday afternoon nap or curling up with my beau for a restful winter night’s sleep. Here’s another opportunity to let your style speak through your sleep-ready essentials. Soft textures & modern prints are what bring any bedding arrangement to life & these will certainly inspire you to get that much-needed shut eye.

sleepSHOP: throw blanket ($8.88) in interlocking squares @Walmart, velvet plush throw ($8.99) in leopard @JC Penneyfleece blanket ($6.00) in houndstooth @OldNavy, & fluffy throw ($9.99) in fucshia @Bed Bath & Beyond.

Before heading off to bed, I always have to take care of my skin since I suffer from dryness. Staying moisturized will keep your skin glowing & healthy for when you wake up!

sleepSHOP: Neutrogena night cream ($11.99) @CVS & Blistex medicated lip balm ($3.69) for a 3-pack.

Lastly, the writer in me loves a good book before dozing off at night. When prepping my mind for dreamland, I have a few other valuable pre-sleep rituals to relax & distress me from everything going on during my hectic day of work, school, relationships, & writing. I try to keep hydrated, especially since this the dryness in the air this time of year sometimes affects my mouth and throat.

sleepSHOP: chamomile tea ($3.39) @Celestial Seasonings, coconut water ($21.16) @Zico for a 12-pack, candle ($11.25) in necatrine green tea @Bath & Body Works, & Eartherapeutcis pillow mist ($9.00) @Ulta.

When it comes to sleep, the best thing you can really do is invest in a quality mattress & pillows that meet your sleeping needs. For more from Casper, be sure to check out their informative & helpful blog, Pillow Talk, featuring plenty of tips for better sleep habits & ways to relax before heading to bed!

Where do you like to shop for pajamas? What’s your sleepwear style for the seasons? For more stylish & affordable posts, check out recent #BlackFriday deals from stores like Gap & New York & Company, Jennifer Aniston’s latest red carpet looks, the ultimate photo gallery featuring Olivia Palermo’s style, & winter pastel wardrobe inspiration from Lupita Nyong’o & Elle Fanning! Happy Styling!

Holiday Gift Styles: Sweet Scents for Spring!



 During a recent trip to Bath & Body Works, there were free test samples of a new scent called Country Chic.  The website describes the scent as “an effortlessly sexy blend of sparkling lemon, bright wildflowers, & spring woods inspired by the fresh air & natural beauty of America’s countryside.” 

 Part of the store’s current sale is a deal like this on Anti-Bacterial Hand Soap.  This makes for a fresh & functional housewarming gift for a friend, or even for a birthday of a gal pal who loves to pamper herself.  The soaps range from Deep Cleansing to Foaming to Hand Washes & many more!  The store no longer offers only a mere few flavors.  It has expanded to decadent scents like Island Nectar, Eucalyptus Spearmint, Black Amethyst, & Twilight Woods, just to name a few!  

 Their deliciously relaxing body care items come in a variety of scents, available in luscious lotions, creamy creams, blissful butters, & affordable travel-sizes (priced from $5.00 – $12.50)! Additional gift items include pre-packaged bath & shower collections too!

 I received a coupon in my email for a free Signature Collection Travel Size Item with a purchase of up to $5.00!  The cashier informed me that when a customer provides their email address, they are more likely to receive coupons.  I was happy to hear that they were helping me get my well-moisturized hands on some great deals in the future!  Even if you’re not looking for anything for yourself, this is one of my all-time favorite go-to gift stores when I want a friend to spoil themselves in the luxury of an at-home spa-like treatment!  Happy Styling!