Accessories Access: Pick Polka Dots For Fall!

I’m in the middle of some major summer style moments (which I hope to share photographs of soon!), but I’m looking forward to what fall has in store for Style Darlings. Since I’m returning to the classroom as a student after a year-long break, I was thinking about what my everyday “school bag” would be. However, the traditional Jansport that I toted around back in high school just doesn’t cut it at nearly 30 years old.

Forever 21 - Polka Dot Backpack $32

I just fell in love with this polka dot backpack ($32.80) from Forever 21, which not only fits my personality, but makes for a stylish statement in & out of the classroom for any girl on the go. I’m especially crazy about the red leather trim & multiple buckle details for all of those everyday essentials that we can’t live without!

What are you putting on your fall shopping list? Which stores are you stalking for the latest accessories? For more posts on affordable fashion, check out previous posts like the Downton Abbey-inspired beauty line, Lauren Conrad’s July lookbook for Kohl’s, & beach-ready summer must-haves! Happy Styling!

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