Watch This Style / Magazine Must-Haves: ‘Self’ Cover Girl Carrie Underwood’s Latest Video For “Good Girl!”

I’m a big Carrie Underwood fan… fan of her music & her enviable red carpet style! I have to say that her music videos are among some of my favorites to watch b/c the American Idol winner is just so magnetic in front of the camera.  She was meant to wear stylish duds & belt out the big notes, which is why I’m featuring her latest music video for “Good Girl” here on Style Darling.

Also, she’s been on my mind after reading the very intelligent and insightful article on her for the April issue of Self magazine- one of my favorite go-to sources for healthy living tips.  The singer talks about how she made the change from being a vegetarian to becoming mostly vegan.  Also, she’s a positive role model for women everywhere b/c of her confidence and down-to-earth attitude, all of which is very evident in the article.

Getting back to the music… Of course, I’ll be including this video for “Good Girl” in a future post of Carrie’s Top 10 Most Stylish Videos at some point, but this video has just recently been released & you have to see it! If you love female-empowering music, country music, or well-style videos, then this is one meant for you! For more of my favorite music videos, check out what I’ve posted about Gwen Stefani, Madonna, & Lady Gaga! Happy Styling!

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