.Com Darling: Alissa’s Top 10 Most Stylish Films of 2011!

So… I’m not trying to psych out my readers by just feeding them a link to another page, but in all fairness to Movie Buzzers, I’d like to invite all of you to check out my article on the Top 10 Most Stylish Films of 2011 on its official page.  Happiness is sharing the ability to network, so rather than just posting the very informative fashion piece, please click the link below, which will bring you directly to the article on Movie Buzzers.  For those of you who missed last year’s edition of the list, click below accordingly.

Alissa’s Top 10 Most Stylish Films of 2011!

Alissa’s Top 10 Most Stylish Films of 2010!

Also, if you’re just learning of my work on Movie Buzzers, click here to check out the hundreds of posts (both new items & film reviews) that I’ve contributed to the growing resource for all things movie-related.  As always the direct link to the website can be found on the sidebar under my blogroll.  For those of you who have film fanatics in your life, be sure to share the link with them to also enjoy the intelligent & well-composed work of my fellow writers: Alex, Brandon, Melissa, Chris, & Graham!

Aside from this particular Top 10 article, I’ve also been following a number of stories that mix fashion & film, including:

My Week with Marilyn review

Images from the Set of The Great Gatsby

Miss Piggy Models For In Style

Tom Ford’s Involvement With The Next James Bond Movie

& also on Culture Mob: A Dash of Fashion: ‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’ Style Comes to H&M!

What were your favorite stylish movies of 2011?  Happy Styling!

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