Super Style Wishlist: All I Want For Christmas Is.. Bottega Veneta Shoes!

I guess a little catalogue stealing never hurt anyone, did it?  Well, certainly not in this case! In what was just another day at the office, my always reliable Style Darling building-mate, Laurie, brought to my attention the most darling of footwear confections that I’d seen in a long time- well.  At least since I saw the 15th Anniversary Jimmy Choo Collection anyway!

Laurie (who knows my very Charlotte York-inspired style) spied these plaster canapa wool shoes ($820.00) by the brilliant Bottega Veneta & I haven’t been able to get them out of my head!  I’ve never wanted to wear white tights so badly in the fall, maybe with a Chanel dress with accessories by Lanvin! Like I always say, a Style Darling can dream, can’t she?

Maybe Santa will read my blog & bring them for me? I wouldn’t have to get any more clothes or shoes (well, not until spring) if these beautiful, Swarovski-encrusted luxury heels were nestled in my stocking on the mantle this year! Haven’t I been through enough to deserve them?

Perhaps in my search high & low, I will be able to find affordable look-alikes that will make my heart swoon in (almost) the same way.  If you’re looking to check out more from Bottega Veneta, check out sites like Net-A-Porter, Barneys, Bergdorf Goodman, & Neiman Marcus!

Anyway, what’s on your Super Style Wishlist this year?  Which designer collections are you looking out for? Happy Styling!

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