Quickie Darling Deal & Steal: A Dress for a Summer Wedding!

So after much waiting & waiting, the time has come to start thinking about what to wear for a summer wedding.  My dear friend, Christine, is celebrating her nuptials in August & knowing how fancy she’s planning the day, I was set on getting myself a new dress.  I do have a few nice choices from previous weddings, but this particular event calls for something new & very special.  I am on a budget, so I set a goal for myself to spend around $50.  In catching the end of spring collections on clearance, I hoped to find something perfect to wear anytime during the year.  Shoes were not a problem since I have such a variety already, as well as delightfully dainty jewelry options.

On one unprepared trip to the mall (I had a Barnes & Noble coupon & was seeking some discount cook books for Father’s Day), I convinced my boyfriend, Ryan, to accompany me into White House Black Market, a store that I’d always drooled over on their website, but never actually purchased anything from, always watching carefully what I spent.  I didn’t have any heels with me & had just hours before stuffed myself with Chinese food, so needless to say, I was plenty bloated.  I had done some research online of cocktail dresses for myself & made a few mental notes, but nothing quite tickled my fancy like the dresses at WHBM. As I perused the aisles of black & white florals, polka dots, stripes, & graphic prints in halter designs, sweetheart shapes, or strapless, my jaw dropped lower & lower in awe.  Ry himself even said, “I can feel your heart beating,” at the very sight of all the black & white beautiful dresses.  I imagined white satin heels, or cobalt blue clutches to pair with each look, & also the way a shimmering crystal necklace would glisten against the sea of chiffon & organza.

There was then one dress that I found in the clearance section & the only one of this style was in my size.  Fate?  Perhaps.  I looked at the price to see that it cost $79.99, which had been reduced from $188.00.  This was a huge decrease in price, but still over my budget.  Ry convinced me to try it on & then I would be able to make my decision.  How could I turn away such a classic & timeless frock? It wasn’t too tight, or too big.  The front bow detail was perfectly my style (very Charlotte!) & the attachable straps allowed for adjustment of fit on top.  I fell in love.  I twirled like little girl & admired the cascading frills of the skirt.  I took picture of myself in the fitting room wearing the dress & sent them to my friend, Rosie, to get another opinion.  I spent a good twenty minutes, standing on my tippy toes, looking at myself in the mirror, imagining all the possibilities of ways to accessorize such a delicately adorable dress.

In the end, I bought it, however when the saleswoman rang up the dress it came to $59.99 @White House Black Market & my bill came to just over $62.00 after tax.  Considering that there was nothing left for me to buy for my summer wedding look, I was happy that I found something so ideal that I felt like a princess in. Since I had just about two months left before the wedding, I could budget the rest of money in preparation for a bridal shower gift, participation in the bachelorette party, & additionally, a wedding gift.  I was really only stuck with making the choice of deciding which shoe was right for the event & the dress… the silver satin platforms? White strappy leather Nine West heels? Or maybe something from Payless?

Also, this dress can very easily be worn in the winter, despite its spring-ish pattern, by adding black opague tightsruffled booties with a bolero jacket.  I don’t have the shoes or the blazer, but it’s always something to keep in mind if any winter event comes up.  Wearing darker, more dramatic makeup for an evening affair is easy too by recalling the classic smoky eye with granite  hues & heavy eyeliner, as opposed to how I’ll probably wear a lighter, soft silver eye shadow with thick lashes & glossy naturally pink lips.

***After the publication of this blog, I actually bought these evening pumps in dark gray satin for the dress (even though I didn’t have to, but they were soooo cute)! Any suggestions, questions, comments?  Please share!  Happy Styling!

One thought on “Quickie Darling Deal & Steal: A Dress for a Summer Wedding!

  1. That is a great dress! I was so frustrated last night because my computer would not load the pictures (it’s on its last leg) and just remembered, I had to look at work!

    I’m glad you went to WHBM… I also bought a dress there for a wedding, and while it was not on sale… I rewore it (2 years later) for a rehearsal dinner last May. It’s a great dress, and something that will last forever.

    I really like the idea of wearing some bright heels with these (pink, red, or yellow!!). It would really pop against the dress. Have you thought about maybe a low side-bun? That’s one of my favorite hair styles at the moment. You could even find a little flower clip or something to put in there (the flower could even match your heels.)

    Great shopping trip! I have to say, I went to Macys when I was looking for dresses for my engagement shoot with J and I found a great dress there and it was on sale! I hate to say it, but sometimes I forget about department stores but you can really find some winners in there.

    Okay, I’m done now. Hope you are well A!

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